Hello and welcome to my website!

I am Shrilaxmi Patki aka Netra, a freelance makeup artist working in the New York metro area. 

Having inclination towards arts from a very young age, I always loved makeup but was unaware of its artistry. When I came to the US in 2011 for my graduate studies in Software Engineering, during my first quick visit to buy a mascara from a drugstore, I stumbled upon a galore of cosmetics lined up in the aisles. It sparked my interest to an extent that I started watching beauty and makeup related videos on YouTube.

One led to another video and it soon became a routine to explore more and more into my newfound love! After a few months, I started following professional makeup artists’ work, which inspired me to learn the finesse and get into the nitty-gritty of makeup artistry.

A person’s natural beauty is one of the main inspirations behind my makeup application. I am a strong believer that each person is beautiful in a unique way and gives me immense pleasure to enhance that beauty through the makeup!